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SPONSORED BY X365TV.COM: The Inspector-General of Police( IG), Mr Ibrahim Idris, has disagreed with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), on the number of people killed in the Southern Kaduna crises.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Kafanchan had alleged that the unrest in Southern Kaduna had claimed over 808 lives, in 53 villages in the area.

But Idris disputed the claim in Abuja on Sunday at the new year dinner organised by the Nigeria Police Force for its personnel.

He stressed the need for religious, community and political leaders to be patriotic in their endeavors for peace to reign in the country.

The IG cautioned Nigerians to avoid unnecessary tension which could lead to destruction of lives and property.

He said that Nigerians had no other country than Nigeria, hence the need to do those things that would bring peace and unity to the country.

Idris advised Nigerians to live in peace with one another in spite of religious and ethic differences.

He commended officers and men of the force for their commitment to providing security to all Nigerians across the country.

Idris restated the Nigeria Police Force’s commitment to providing adequate security without bias to any section of the country.

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SPONSORED BY BUY656.COM: The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC), on Monday said it was committed to providing its customers in five states of the South-East with smart meters in 2017 to reduce complaints about high bills.

The Head, Communications Department, EEDC, Mr Emeka Eze, stated this in Aba on Monday.

He said the company had started providing meters in Awkunanaw area of Enugu State, adding that other states will gradually be metered.

“Metering is one major thing we are taking very seriously in the New Year. Over N9 billion had been invested in metering project so far in the last one year.

“The metering gap is quite huge and we do not have the resources to provide meters for everybody at the same time.
“We have more than 700,000 unmetered customers in our network. So it is something that will take us a while. The 700,000 are the ones we have in our books.
“There are electricity consumers we do not have in our books and are the people we are trying to bring into our books through the enumeration we are to start this January’’, he said.
Eze said part of EDC’s plan in the new year would be to ensure that its services were improved to give customers value for their money.
He expressed hope that generating companies would improve their generation and so improve the volume of electricity distribution to customers.

He said EEDC was forced to manage the little electricity they were supplied, adding that the vandalism of oil pipes lately had contributed to the low level of supply being experienced.

Eze urged the customers of EEDC not to delay in bringing complaints about service problems to the customer service centres created newly to ease access to the managers for quick solutions.

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Nobody would argue that Fidel Castro changed Cuba. Whether it was for better or worse than he met it depends on your economic and political persuasions. No matter what, Fidel Castrol made a pivotal impact since his influence is felt throughout the world. Africans have their share of remarkable leaders: from Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Albert Luthuli to Idi Amin and Abacha. They and many others influenced and shaped their countries in different ways.

So one writing that went viral claimed that ten Buhari could not change Nigeria. We all seized upon it to make our points whether to give up on Nigeria or keep on trying until we die. Some of his frustrations were shared by most of us, whatever position we took. Nigeria is a mess that has not risen up to its potential or expectation as a regional power. So much was expected in the sixties after Independence. Some even claimed if it was Nkrumah that headed Nigeria, Eh!

The point of one man that wrote the piece was that as a qualified Engineer, he had to beg and bribe his way at every level to get a contract with every Sule, Nnamdi and Tunde that never went to school or had the foggiest idea of the work to be accomplished in the contract. Before he could get paid, he had to bribe at every level again. It is the normal way of life in Nigeria and would ever remain the same, even in the face of ten Buhari as the head of that blessed Country.

Some of us wondered if he was around during the first coming of Buhari/Idiagbon or the short life of Abacha in power. Of course he was, that was military, unsustainable in democracy. Well, no one believed OBJ could retire all the military politicians, “marginalized” the old Northern power brokers with the concentration of all Armed Forces chiefs in the North-Central, establish ICPC and EFCC, bring Igbo into prominent posts since the war and would still serve two terms.

Oh please, Obasanjo used ICPC and EFCC to hunt his enemies and Ribadu used EFCC to hunt only some of Obasanjo’s friends. The points the guy made about Nigeria still stand because after all these, Nigeria has degenerated into abysmal failure where most of its leaders have either been indicted or convicted for one crime or another but are still seating pretty, holding on to their posts in the face of one Buhari. So what could ten Buhari do?

When Nzeogwu struck in Nigeria, these are the same people that claimed he was too brutal and some of his colleagues betrayed his cause anyway. But when Jerry Rawlings struck in Ghana the same people justified his action. Only that we could not see how such low-level officers would succeed in Nigeria. While most Nigerians agree that we need a leader with iron fist to succeed, probably with some military experience, Nigerians abuse the benefit of doubts in democracy!

However, we do not have democracy in Nigeria. Those in favor of the writing that went viral would agree that what we have in Nigeria is lootocracy! We spent so much energy and time indulging in self-deception as if we are practicing democracy. The only time looters cry in support of democracy is when they are caught red handed with tons of foreign cashistics in their sewer, farm, house helps’ account, foreign banks and places only crooks would think of.

Who is fooling whom? Let a hungry man steal food from the market and watch angry people transfer the punishment they should have administered to their politicians, bankers and now judges of due process; to poor people. There are no souls left to fight against jungle justice to the poor men and women that needed actual due process and rule of law in a democracy.

The problem with the guy that decided to check out of the country because he had lost all hope that ten Buhari could fix the problem in Nigeria is that, he condemned system that he exploited so much, he made enough to take off to establish in Australia. He never disclosed how much he made from the rotten system to anticipate that he would live a better life in a new country. His false hope is that with his money he would be well received. He is not going there to toil afresh.

Let us remind him that Umaru Dikko and Akinloye had more money than him but could not wait to come back home. Actually, Richard Akinjide had very viable law practice in London but could not live as comfortably anywhere else. There are many more that made either clean money or gained from the corruption in Nigeria only to take off, hoping never to return home. When they miss African hospitalities, accolades of praise singers, friends and family shower on them, nko?

There is a difference between the desperadoes that could not survive or get one or two meals a day crossing the deserts and those that benefited from corruption in the system. Even many of those perished in the sea before they get to their dream paradise. Yes, there is nothing good to say about a country that feeds its talents to the seas and deserts like feeding their infants to the lions. But those that get trained on life scholarships and exploit the system must think twice.

Someone that benefits from the corrupt system like the guy that wrote about ten Buhari, can’t survive abroad. The life they dream of and think they are going to live may be too expensive to maintain unless they can come back home to milk our corrupt system some more, the only way they know how. If you cannot change yourself in a country, you cannot change any country.

Africans coming abroad in their adult life have never struggled like those that came as youths to work and pay to go to school, on minimum wage forcing them to cut coat according to their size and suffer insults and discrimination even when they are at the height of their careers. Most may have avoided ghetto where many minorities live, endure sounds of gunshots in their sleep or wake up to one more dead body in the neighborhood daily. Think before you check out O!

The salvation of Africans and black people wherever they are in this world will not be achieved until Africans achieve it at home for which everyone can point to and be proud of. We can export as much American dollars and British pounds, we neither print nor mint, as we want. We will be seen and will remain the descendants of underachievers everywhere we go forever.

The amount of talents in every field Africans possess and waste outside will be used to develop other countries. Individual rewards in return will be minimal compared to what we could gain if achieved, built on and sustained by African youths. Election of Donald Trump is not an accident, not based on policy or vote. They want to protect their country from outsiders. If we messed up ours so much, which country is going to let us in; so that we can mess up their countries too? 

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The Association of Turkish People in Nigeria (ATPEN) felicitates with the kind and loving people of Nigeria this yuletide season.  It is our earnest desire that Nigeria witnesses’ sustainable growth and peace in the year 2017. 

We pray for tolerance and peaceful coexistence between all the religious and ethnic groups in the country. We also wish to felicitate with President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR and wish him more grace and strength as he pilots the affairs of this great nation in 2017. 

The Association of Turkish People in Nigeria is proud of Nigeria and its people. May the gift of peace, love, happiness and warmth envelop Nigeria in the New Year.  Happy New Year! 


Cemal Yigit


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It was King Solomon I believe who wrote the verse that for everything under the sun there is a time and season. There is a time to be born and a time to die. There is a time to rejoice and a time to weep. There is a time to listen and a time to talk. And for my own peculiar case there is a time to write and a time to read what others have written.

 For a while now, and essentially for reasons of time, I have refrained from commenting about happenings in Nigeria. But I cannot in all good conscience remain quiet while to all intents and purposes a meticulously planned pogrom of genocidal ethnic cleansing is afoot with the passive connivance and perhaps active oversight of the Federal and State authorities whose primary duty it is to maintain peace and security while facilitating the administration of justice.

Sometime in July 2014, this writer had written a two-part piece titled ‘Nations Also Die,’ (Parts 1 and 2), which was published in several online media. In it I identified four major cancers which were standing on the path of true Nigerian nationhood. Listed in alphabetical order but with no particular order of severity, the four cancers I identified then were first ‘Absent Leadership’, referring to the laissez-faire leadership style of then Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, second was Hausa-Fulani expansionism, third was Igbo materialism and fourth was Yoruba exceptionalism. The last three refer to the group tendencies of Nigeria’s three largest ethnicities.

 With the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria’s president, it is now clear to me that the four major cancers afflicting Nigeria at this moment, ranked in order of severity are the ‘Malicious Leadership’ style of the Muhammadu Buhari Administration as well as Fulani Expansionism (it is not Hausa-Fulani) occupying the joint first position, with Igbo Materialism and Yoruba Exceptionalism as joint second.

Shortly after President Buhari was elected and before he was sworn into office, unlike his supporters who were in jubilant mood and Goodluck Jonathan’s supporters who were in sorrowful mood, I had cautioned the in-coming President in a write up titled ‘A Nation in Heat – Fait Accompli’ published sometime in April 2015 as follows :

“However there is one particular ethnic misdemeanor which the President-elect must address forthwith as soon as he assumes power not only because it involves his own ethnic group of origin but also because human lives are involved. The wanton killing of innocent Nigerians in their places of origin by itinerant Fulani herdsmen has gotten out of hand, is a grave threat to national stability and cohesion and should end……The nation is waiting and watching the President-elect’s action in this issue, a successful resolution of which will convey his seriousness of purpose to all Nigerians.”

Not only did President Buhari fail to heed this timely advice, there is ample evidence to suggest given the unrestrained terrorist activities of these Fulani tribesmen across the length and breadth of Nigeria that their murderous rampage is being instigated and the perpetrators shielded by conniving orders proceeding from the highest levels of government in Nigeria. It was by exasperated induction given the conniving modus operandi of the Buhari Administration that I wrote in my last opinion piece about Nigeria titled ‘When Words Fail’ which was published sometime in April 2016 as follows:

“Every political administration in Nigeria has a tipping point beyond which, nothing it does matters any more – it must fail. I think the President Muhammadu Buhari Administration crossed that point this last weekend of April 23rd – 24th, 2016. From the very moment when by several accounts, 500 or so Fulani Herdsmen who belong to the same ethnicity as President Muhammadu Buhari amassed together and sacked several communities in Enugu State without a whimper of resistance by the Buhari Administration, this Administration lost all its legitimacy before God and man.”

In that article published in April 2016, I had estimated that since he assumed power, anything between 2,500 to 5,000 Nigerian citizens may have lost their lives in their own ancestral lands due to the murderous activities of invading Fulani herdsmen cum terrorists across Nigeria. At the present time that estimated number may have risen to anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 innocent Nigerian fatalities within a space of 18 months of the Buhari Adminstration.

The latest event was the recent sacking and destruction of entire villages in Kaduna State of Nigeria where according to the Catholic Bishop of Kafanchan, about 800 innocent citizens sleeping peacefully in their own homes were murdered at night by Fulani terrorist-herdsmen. This genocide was coming barely a month after the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, himself a Fulani and a very close confidant of President Buhari (he has been touted as Buhari’s successor), boasted to the nation that he has been paying non-Nigerian Fulanis with Malian and Chadian nationalities, “appeasement money” in order to stop them from attacking the non-Fulani indigenes of his own State.

Meanwhile Governor El-Rufai has not provided support or rehabilitated the people of Kaduna State whose houses where burnt down and thousands of family members killed due to the unrestrained action of Nigerian and non-Nigerian Fulani terrorist-herdsmen whose murderous activities find support and succor at the very highest levels of the Nigerian Government.

To all intents and purposes, therefore, the Buhari Administration has failed. It has run out of gas, it has nothing positive to offer Nigerians and its only administrative agenda is “how to make Nigeria move backwards again.”

It is interesting to note that to date President Buhari, a retired military general has not been able to summon the courage to condemn the murderous terrorist activities of his own kinsmen. But he is quick to deploy the coercive instruments of state to crush peaceful neo-Biafran independence activists exercising their fundamental human rights of expressing their preference for Biafran Independence, as well as Shiite muslims in Kaduna State and numerous other economically aggrieved Nigerian citizens.           

Even his touted anti-corruption crusade is a charade as it focuses only on one segment of the population namely his political opponents while leaving his political associates basically untouched.

For instance, under what accounting sub-head is Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna State retiring the huge amounts he claims to be spending as appeasement money to foreign and local Fulani terrorist-herdsmen? Do the terrorist herdsmen issue receipts for State money received?

Since he has not been able to provide security for common Nigerians, why has President Buhari not stopped the collection of the so-called security votes and transferred the security vote in its entirety to the Inspector General of Police as well as the Director of State Security? Do the Presidents of advanced countries collect non-retire-able security votes?

The truth of the matter is that President Buhari and a segment of the Fulani elite (there are many decent, peaceful Fulanis) are attempting by all means to seize the ancestral lands of non-Fulani Nigerians under the guise of cattle-herding thereby forcibly maintaining Nigerian unity under Fulani overlord-ship or worse.

The latest institution to be coerced into serving the selfish expansionist interests of a greedy segment of Nigeria’s Fulani ethic group is the Nigerian Army whose Chief of Army Staff came out the other day to inform a stunned nation that the Nigerian Army is about to veer into cattle ranching. When a national army ceases to serve the interests of the entire nation and is reduced to serving the expansionist interest of a particular ethnic group it ceases to be a national army and must be recognized for what it truly is: a tribal militia.

At a time when modern armies are building rockets, tanks, attack aircrafts and drones, the mission of the Nigerian Army in this 21st century is to engage in Cattle ranching and become a Trojan horse in order to grant expansionist Fulani elements a back door option of ceasing the ethnic lands of other ethnic sub-nationalities. If this is not a backward movement into the middle ages for Nigeria, what else is it?

It is time for us as Nigerians to tell ourselves the bitter truth. Not only has the Buhari Administration failed, together with the expansionist Fulani agenda it actively supports and serves, both have emerged as the greatest cancerous threat to Nigeria’s nationhood. Both are of far greater danger to Nigeria than the exuberant online and offline propaganda of Nigeria’s neo-Biafran agitators. They are of far greater danger to Nigeria than the street demonstration of Nigerian Shiites or the guerilla antics of Nigeria’s hungry and jobless Niger-Delta militants.

If any group of persons should be facing treason charges in Nigeria today, it is those who control the coercive powers of state but who refuse to apply these very same powers against internal and external terrorists who murder the very same Nigerians they swore before God and man to protect, for the simple reason that the criminals are of their own ethnic stock and religion.

If any persons should be facing political and economic treason charges in Nigeria today, it is people in very high places who injudiciously aid and support terrorists by transferring State money to them under the guise of appeasement.

If any persons should be facing treason charges in Nigeria today, it is those who use national assets that belong to the whole nation to support and prop up the greedy and expansionist agenda of a particular component part.

If any persons should be facing treason charges in Nigeria today, it is those who instigate non-Nigerians of their own ethnic stock to attack, terrorize and murder bona fide Nigerians in their own ancestral lands within Nigeria, while looking askance – seeing nothing, hearing nothing and saying nothing. This is not politics. It is called high treason.

In deed when the touted remedy for a corporal malaise morphs into a malignant tumor, its further use should be discontinued, and the tumor cleanly and democratically excised.

Nigerians smell the tea-leaves! Nigerians read the signs!!  Nigerians the omens are not good!!! Nigerians wake up!!! 

I wish all and sundry a more prosperous New Year 2017.



-       THE END     -

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SPONSORED BY 234NAIRA.COM: Olivier Giroud’s incredible scorpion kick set Arsenal on the way to a victory over Crystal Palace which moved them up to third in the Premier League.

With a cross from Alexis Sanchez delivered behind him, Frenchman Giroud elastically reached the ball with his left foot, looping it over his head and in off the underside of the bar.

An Alex Iwobi header gave Arsenal a scrappy second before Palace briefly rallied to force saves from home goalkeeper Petr Cech.

The win moves the Gunners back to within nine points of leaders Chelsea, while Palace stay 17th, two points above the relegation zone.

The visitors have won only once in 12 league games, with manager Sam Allardyce awaiting his first victory since taking over from Alan Pardew.

Giroud marked his return to the Arsenal starting line-up on Boxing Day by scoring the only goal in the win over West Bromwich Albion, and followed up here by pulling off one of the most memorable moments of this or any other season.

Indeed, it was made all the more remarkable for its echoes of a similarly breathtaking goal scored by Manchester United’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan in the defeat of Sunderland on Monday.

If anything, Giroud’s was even more impressive, an acrobatic finish to a head-high cross delivered from the left by Sanchez at the end of a pacy Arsenal counter-attack.

As the ball arrived, a sprinting Giroud turned to reach out his left foot, flicked the ball over his head and saw it arc over the leap of Palace goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey, off the woodwork and into the net.

“It was an unbelievable finish,” said former Arsenal defender Martin Keown on BBC Radio 5 live. “It has to be up there with the goal of the season already.

“He’s hooked that with a gadget foot – the ball is behind him and he has no right to get his foot to it.”


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SPONSORED BY BUY656.COM: Harry Kane and Dele Alli scored two goals apiece as Tottenham thrashed lacklustre Watford to move into the Premier League’s top four for the first time since October.

Spurs dominated from the off at Vicarage Road – having 13 shots in the first half alone – and seconds after Alli struck the bar, Kane coolly finished a well-weighted Kieran Trippier pass.

The same duo combined for the second, Kane stealing between two static defenders to prod home Trippier’s fine cross from six yards.

It was the England striker’s 59th goal in his first 100 Premier League appearances, matching Arsenal legend Thierry Henry.

Alli made it 3-0 by passing low into the net after Younes Kaboul skewed the ball into his path, then arrived unmarked to finish Kane’s cross for his fifth goal in three matches.

Watford, who did not have a shot on target until Kaboul bundled home a late consolation, drop to 13th having won just once in seven matches.

Spurs’ fourth successive win briefly took them third, before Arsenal moved back ahead of them with victory over Crystal Palace.

Having won at Southampton by the same scoreline on Wednesday, Tottenham have scored four goals in consecutive away games for the first time since October 1960 – the season they did the Double.

Their 10-point deficit on leaders Chelsea, whom they host on Wednesday, will temper any title talk, but there can be no doubt Spurs are in menacing mood.

Trippier, in for the suspended Kyle Walker, impressed on just his third league appearance of the season and underlined the strength in depth at White Hart Lane.

he former Burnley player was a constant outlet – having more than 100 touches – and his early assists allowed Kane to show the ruthlessness of his finishing.

Had Son Heung-Min been more clinical with any of his five shots, the damage could have been worse.

But boss Mauricio Pochettino will be thrilled with a 100% record over a busy festive period in which his side secured their first league away wins since September.


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SPONSORED BY BUY656.COM: Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry in Enugu State has advised President Muhammadu Buhari on leadership in the New Year.

He gave the advice in Enugu on Saturday in his New Year message at the cross over service to 2017.

He advised the President to tackle the challenges facing the country, saying “many Nigerians are suffering.

“Though the President is trying on corruption and security, Nigerians are hungry; they want to see more changes.

“There is the need to assist businessmen and women in their businesses.”

He also advised the President to appoint experts who would help him to revive the economy.

The cleric asked the President to consult Church leaders and eminent men of God to advise him and tell him the truth about the economy.

“We cannot reach him for advice because of the kind of people around him,” he added.

He then urged Nigerians to be patient and be prayerful “as your sufferings and hardships would be over in 2017.

“Nigeria is set to be great again,” he stressed.

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SPONSORED BY BUY656.COM: Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari has vowed to defeat corruption, insecurity and revamp the economy in 2017. 

The president, in his New Year message urged Nigerians to be alert as fleeing insurgents might want to hide in their domains. saying that they must report such to security agencies in their area.


My dear Compatriots,

I am happy to welcome you to the beginning of a New Year in our beloved country Nigeria.

I felicitate with you today at a time when our nation is witnessing a new and impressive turnaround in our security and socio-economic situation.

I know you will join me to, once again, congratulate the heroic and gallant efforts of our military and other security agencies on their remarkable successes to rid the nation of terrorism.

Following the successful capture of Sambisa Forest, spearheaded by troops of Operation Lafiya Dole, we have entered a new phase in our battle against our common enemy, Boko Haram.

When we see our beloved 21 Chibok girls reuniting with their families and community for Christmas, it gives us the hope that those who are still in captivity will one day return to the loving arms of family, friends and well-wishers.

I urge all Nigerians to be on the alert and watch out for strange figures settling in their communities, and report to the nearest security agencies, as our armed forces intensify the pursuit of fleeing terrorists from the captured Sambisa Forest.

Misguided elements who decided to take up arms against constituted authorities must be brought to face the full weight of the law.

The support of all Nigerians to security agencies to enable them successfully execute their mandate is crucial in our bid to effectively secure our country.

Seeing the joyful return of thousands of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to Damasak town in Borno State, following the reopening of Maiduguri/Gubio/Damasak road in Northern Borno on December 25, 2016, reassured us that the voluntary return of IDPs in other parts of the country is imminent.

The Federal Government will spare no effort in seeing to the resettlement and rehabilitation of the unfortunate victims of terrorism and insurgency. I urge state governments, privileged Nigerians, donor agencies and countries to redouble their contributions towards this goal.

Government is aware of some mistakes and wrongdoings in handling the affairs of IDPs. We are taking measures to correct those mistakes and punish the culprits.

In this New Year, I want to reassure all Nigerians that our defence and security forces are more than ever before ready to perform their constitutional role of protecting lives and property in the country; and we will surely overcome all other forms of security challenges.

The lingering security issues in several states will be frontally addressed. These ugly crises cannot be allowed to fester as they strain the unifying bonds of brotherhood and neighbourliness. Some sections of the press and some politicians should avoid provocative and inflammatory statements, while the government is painstakingly trying to find solutions to our challenges.

I want to remind you on the first day of this New Year of an African proverb that says “it is easy to break a broomstick but not a bunch”. Nigeria is a bunch and is more than equal to troublemakers.

I have interacted with a broad spectrum of Nigerians, the old and the young, and they have told me unequivocally that they believe in the unity and stability of Nigeria.

The year 2017 provides an opportunity for us to build on those aspects of our national life that unite us. We are courageous, hardworking, hospitable, steadfast and resilient people, even in the face of difficulties.

These are the attributes that define us and have for years confounded the pessimists who do not believe in our continued existence as a united and indivisible nation. We are a remarkable nation that has succeeded in harnessing our multiple diversities for national development. We must continue to support and tolerate one another and live together as one.

We will continue to pursue peace initiatives in the Niger Delta as I again, call on our brothers in that region who have taken to violent disruptions of economic infrastructure to come to the negotiating table.

As for our brothers and sisters of the Shia Community, we urge them, too, to embrace peace. They must accept the laws of the country they live in. They cannot be islands by themselves. At the same time, the law enforcement agencies must treat them humanely and according to the rule of law.

On our part, in the past 20 months since our inauguration on May 29, 2015, we have focused our energies to turn around the economy, create jobs, fight corruption, and transform agriculture to replace oil and gas as a major revenue earner for the nation. I am encouraged that we are getting things right.

The agricultural revolution has begun. Farmers in different parts of the country are experiencing bumper harvests; states are getting into strategic partnership towards attaining self-sufficiency in rice, and the era of over-dependence on oil for foreign exchange revenues is gradually waning. I am optimistic that the CHANGE we all yearned for in voting this administration to power in 2015 will manifest more and be sustained in different sectors, particularly agriculture, in 2017.

As you may be aware, our economic recovery and growth plan in 2017 is anchored on optimizing the use of local content and empowering local businesses.

In pursuit of this administration’s philosophy, we will continue to appeal that we buy “Made In Nigeria” goods. Like I said during the 2017 Budget presentation to the National Assembly, farmers, small and medium-sized manufacturers, agro-allied businesses, dressmakers, entertainers and technology start-ups, will remain the true drivers of our economic future. They are the engine of our economic recovery and their needs underpin our Economic Recovery and Growth Plan.

On job creation, this administration will sustain existing programmes aimed at lifting a vast number of our youth out of poverty, while at the same time creating the opportunities for people to fend for themselves.

Our determination to wrestle corruption to the ground remains unshaken. This fight, which will be guided by respect for the rule of law and due process, will not spare anybody or organ of government. It is a collective undertaking and resolve that must be seen to its logical conclusion in spite of certain distractions. The fate of our country lies partly in the success of this campaign. It will be unthinkable on my part to allow the boat of this crucial campaign promise capsize mid-stream.

I thank you for the public support for our administration’s efforts to transform Nigeria. I assure you again that the current pains are temporary and will ease when the economic seeds in gestation begin to bloom to fruition. I urge you to continue to support this administration in its effort to transform Nigeria for the good of all.

I wish you a Happy New Year, 2017.

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